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Guus Rozendaal talks about his grandfather who went

Dutch East Indies in 1920.

Guus Rozendaal talks about his father who returned to the Dutch East Indies in 1946

Gerry van Zijll Langhout-de Jong

tells a story about her parents

Oded Cohen writes a letter to his grandson Alon with a gripping story about his life in the Dutch East Indies

Dieter van der Schilden

about his family in the Dtuch East Indiees

Benno van der Velde talks about his youth in the

Dutch East Indies

Ank Patty talks about her mother and life in 

The Dutch East Indies

Jan Dörsch talks about his parents and family in the Dtuch East Indies

Vellah Colcher speaks about her family history and her childhood on Sumatra (Dutch only)

Herman Sterken talks about his granfather and uncle on Sumatra

Historian Rob Snijders

beautiful story about the historyof theJewish Congregation in

The Dutch East Indies

Fokko de Haas talks about his father who was a pharmacist in the Dutch East Indies

Rick Franke talks about his uncles Edo en Clem in

the Dutch East Indies

Johan van Leer tells a gripping story about his childhood and his father in The Dutch East Indies

Biography of the late Hanoch (Heinz) Silberberg

Roderick Wahr talks about his father who was an agent for

the KPM in the Indies

(Dutch Only)

Tom Keijdener talks about his background

in the Dutch East Indies

Anton Versteeg

about his grandfather who was a doctor

A Diary in Drawings

by Benny Martèl

(Dutch Only)

Departure from the

Dutch East Indies with the Nieuw-Holland by

Benny Martèl (Dutch Only)

Correspondence from the Martèl family - Filet

August 1945 - March 1946

(Dutch Only)

Three stories by Gerard Martèl about life during the Second World War in

Dutch East Indies

(Dutch Only)

My experiences as a prisoner of war by

Jan George Martel

(Dutch Only)

Helen Stuart - van Druten That other liberation Written for the NIW of 14 and 21 August 2020 by             Esther Voet   (Dutch Only)


a book written by

Anne Hoemakers

Iggie Engel tells his father Rien's life story

Shirley-Mabel Engel - 

de Groot - Heupner 

the wife of Rien

Arie Mosies

tells his story

Eleonore de Ruuk

about her grandfather

Video ofLiewe De Haas

my story

Three generations

on Java

Kim Nieuwenkamp

Dinah Singelenberg tells

how her parents, brothers and sister returned to the Netherlands as Warga Negara Indonesia

My parents William Robinson and Christiene Hagenstejn by Edward Robinson

Nobody gets a programme from the Concert of Life

Christel Kuijsters

My Grandfather Goos


Christel Kuijsters

My  Father Goos jr


Christel Kuijsters

The Story of

Lies Maas

Belanda Hitam, 

Black Dutchmen by 

Elly Hoed

From Dutch to Indo the story of the Nobbe family

Bartholomeus van Kempen

in search for the truth

As  stranger to the homeland the story of the

van den Broeke family

Willy Harings

1912 - 1986

Vivienne Fanoy

about Elsa

My grandfather

Wilhelmus Willemse


Joke Willemse 

Theodorus Petrus van Amersvoort



Barbara van Benthem Jutting

My family story


Iona Jaeger

Eric Jaeger


Iona Jaeger

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