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Overlijdens advertentie van Juliana CJ Keydeniers 1950

A Dutch military was responsible for descendants in the

Dutch East Indies

(The story of the Keijdeniers/Keydeniers family)

While investigating family members, I also discovered a spelling of our family name as Keijdeniers/Keydeniers. Initially mainly in the Netherlands and in the United States.

A link with the history of the family Keijdener/Keydener(s) could not be found for the time being. When data from the 19th century emerged from the Dutch East Indies and also with first names, which could be associated with family of our Walloon branch, further research had to be done. After a lot of searching, the link was finally found via Jean Henri Keydeneers, who left for the East as a soldier in 1849. He married a native woman and was responsible for his offspring. 

On the basis of data found in archives and newspapers, I tried to compile a story, which is divided into a few short descriptions per generation of certain family members. To conclude this, an extensive ancestor series of the 'Dutch East Indies' branch from the Keijdener/Keydener(s) genealogy.

Until about 1920 the name was mostly registered as "Keijdeniers"; after that the spelling "Keydeniers" was more and more common.

The founding father 1819-1890

This story starts on the 4th of December 1819 in Maastricht with the birth of Jean Henri Keydeneers. He is the second son of the Henricus and Barbara Wikken Familiy. They lived in Maastricht on the Brusselschestraat number 821.Together with his parents, two brothers and two sister they lived here until Jean moved from Maastricht to 's-Gravenvoeren sometime between 1824 and 1827. 

Jean's next sign of life is the fact that he volunteered on the 5th of September 1843 to join the 1st Regiment of the Foreign Legion for 5 years of service. In doing so, he followed in his father's footsteps. He served as a fusilier in the 19th Regiment Infantry of Line in the army of Napoleon. After the French emperor had left the battlefield for good, Jean's father was assigned to the 14th department of the (Dutch) National Infantry in the garrison city of Maastricht.

Jean arrived at the Corps in Algeria on the 5th of February 1844, where he would stay until September 1848. On returning home to the Netherlands, he settled in his hometown of Maastricht. Did he like the military life so much or did he not find peace, because a few months later, on the 15th of December of that year to be precise, he volunteered as a soldier (number 8179), for a 6 years period with the East Indies Army. He was 'allowed' fl 40,-- guilders, to start on the day of embarkation to the overseas possessions.

On the 4th of Juli 1849 the embarkation of one of the replenishment detachments to the Nieuwe Diep took place from the Colonial Wharf Depot in Harderwijk, Two days later, Jean, together with the other non-commissioned officers and men, boarded the steamship 'Prince Maurice'. This was one of the ships on which soldiers of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army were transported from the Netherlands to the East Indies. At that time, these ships still had to sail the dangerous route along the Kaap de Goede Hoop in order to reach the colony in the East. The 'Prince Maurice', with Jean on board, arrived in Batavia on the 15th of October 1849. Jean had to wait to be placed at the Garrison Battalion in Palembang on the island of Sumatra.

In March 1855 he extended his contract for 6 years and received fl 60,--.But first, in June of that year, he was awarded the Bronze Medal with a fl 12,-- gratification for his participation in Palembang warfare in the period 1851-1854. This is where he was stationed until the end of 1858. It was in this period that Jean married Rose Tehoepoering in Palembang on the 19th of March. From then on, the family name was registered as 'Keijdeniers' or 'Keydeniers' in the Almanacs and other documents of the Indies. The couple had 4 children. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any proof whether Rose, and the children, lived in the military encampment.

After being awarded the Silver Medal in May 1861, Jean signed up for another 4 years in July of that same year and received fl 80. In the years 1863-1864 he took part in various warfare operations in the area of the Residence South and East of Borneo, for which he was awarded the so-called 'Expedition Cross'.

In March 1865 Jean received a sum of fl 25.-- as a gratification for his long-term colonial service , and the sergeant/ziekenvader (person in charge of nurses in an infirmary) was also granted a fee of fl 173.-- per year due to his age-related deficiencies.

After almost 16 years of service in the colony, he left for  home on the 11th of July 1865, leaving his wife and children behind in the Dutch East Indies.

After returning home to the Netherlands, he lived in several places in Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland.

Here he incurred many debts, which were deducted monthly from his military pay (pension) by the Ministry of Colonial Affairs and passed on to creditors.

And naturally the inevitable followed.

Jean, who was residing in Maastricht at the time, had to appear before the District Court in Eindhoven on the 20th of  September 1867. He was sentenced in the first instance to six months' imprisonment in solitary confinement for fraud.

On the 6th of  October 1867, pending appeal, he was transferred by the Marechaussee der Brigade Eindhoven to the prison in 's Hertogenbosch. The court there examined the crime committed by Jean:

“Het met gebruikmaking van eene valsche kwaliteit en met zich van bedriegelijke middelen te bedienen, om het bestaan van een niet bestaand vermogen te doen gelooven zich geld en losse goederen te hebben doen afgeven en langs die wegen zich bedrieglijk van eens anders bezittingen ten deels te hebben meester gemaakt”.

Free translation..."Using counterfit money and using deceptive means, in order to make believe the existence of a non-existent assets. To have surrendere money and other properties in order to take possession of properties of another kind fraudulently" 

Taking into account that it was the first time that Jean had had to appear before a court for such a fact, the judges of the 'Provincial Court in Noord-Brabant' confirmed on the 26th of November 1867 the verdict 'der Arr. Court of Eindhoven' as follows: "Six months of solitary confinement. One day of solitary confinement alternatively. Effective on the  21st of October 1867".

Even after his release, in April 1868, he led a restless existence again, witness are the many wanderings in the following decades. In his last residence, Brussels, Jean was admitted to the Saint Jean Hospital, where he died on the the 26the of January 1890 at the age of 69.

The Children (1860-1927)

The departure of husband and father certainly had far-reaching consequences for both Rose and her underage children. The soldier had left his family behind without any financial support. The two sons of the Keijdeniers-Tehoepoering couple were admitted to the Djati Foundation in Batavia. In this home, neglected European children received the necessary care and were able to follow an education. Partly thanks to this stay, each of the two boys would eventually be given a good government function.

The eldest son, Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers (1860-1927) lived in the Djati-asylum during 1875 and 1876. After having left this asylum, he joined the military administration in service of the gouvernment as a civilian writer.Five years later, he continued his official career at the Post and Telegraph Office, as a deputy commune at the Weltevreden post office.  After many relocations, spread over almost all the islands of the Indian archipelago, and promotions, Jean finally climbed up to the position of office head 2nd class.

His civil service career ended in 1916 when he retired.

On account of long-term employment, he was granted one year's leave for Europe twice. In the summer of 1894 Jean left Batavia for Amsterdam with the SS 'Princess Marie'. And in the autumn of 1907 his spouse, Auguste Caroline (Alice) Stoelman (1871-1921), and their 6 children were also allowed to come with him to the Netherlands. Especially for the children this long boat trip with the 'SS Ophir' must have been quite an event.

Nineteen hundred and seventeen was an eventful year for these Keijdeniers. First, at the end of March, his marriage to Alice Stoelman was dissolved by divorce. Then, in August, he acknowledged the son of Sophia Christina Muller, born in 1885: Orgino Alfonso (1885-1956), who from then on lived under the name Keijdeniers.

At the end of that same year, on December 29th 1917, he married Petronella Magdalena Mahlen (Mahieu) in Meester Cornelis.

The recently transferred chief clerk of the 2nd class of the PTT service from here to Tandjong-Balei, Keijderniers, has certainly not been badly affected, as it is only from his rewards that he gets almost as much as his wages. His income is estimated at fl 500,- per month, which for such a young person, so to speak, is wonderful. But he also has to deal with a lot of companies for that on his part.

 (source: Soerabijasch handelsblad, edition 16 May1891)

Anonymous letters

From Cheribon people write the following to the Soerabijasch Handelsblad:

As a result of an anonymous letter, in which the post office manager Keijdeniers is accused of all kinds of lewdness, the postal inspector has checked the cash and administration of the post office and found them to be in order.

The pamphlet was written by a woman from Tjankol, who received information from some officials. Mr Keijdeniers wishes to take legal action in this matter.

 (source: Het Nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch Indië, edition 22 May 1914)

The name of another son of Jean and Rose Keijdeniers, Frans Jonathan Pieter Keijdeniers (1862-1925), can be found in the Bataviaasch Handelsblad of 8 November 1870. In an article placed under the heading 'Nursing children admitted to the Batavia Asylum', it is stated that Frans J.P. Keijdeniers was admitted from Palembang to the Djati Asylum for needy and neglected children on 29 April 1870.

It seems that at the age of 15 the adolescent Frans was no longer managable  in the home, because in the 23rd Annual Report of the Djati Institution of 1877 we read that 'One of our pupils has left the asylum, and to our regret we have to add that this pupil, namely F.J.P. Keijdeniers, has been removed by us due to misbehaviour. We have reluctantly decided this measure, but in the interest of our institution it demanded that an example be set'.

The expulsion from the Djati institution did not seem to have serious consequences for Frans. He left Batavia for his place of birth, Palembang, where he found a job as a clerk in the residence office. Unfortunately, in 1878 he was again dismissed, albeit honourably. So back to Batavia, he must have thought. Here he married the 17-year-old Clara Cassa (1865-1937) in 1883. The couple had two children. Their eldest child, a son, died at just 10 months old.

After an interruption of several years, Frans not only returned to Palembang in 1886 but also to civil service. He accepted an appointment as clerk to the Public Prosecutor. He eventually worked his way up to clerk at the Land Council. Like his elder brother, he too would hold this position both on Sumatra and Java. After his retirement Frans worked for some time as an extraordinary substitute. Registrar of the Land Council in Soekaboemi.

The grandchildren (1885-1956)

Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers (1885-1956) was, as already mentioned above, acknowledge as an illegitimate son by Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers on 4 August 1917 in Meester Cornelis. From that date, his surname changed in all official sources from 'Muller' to 'Keijdeniers'. Unfortunately, nothing can be found about a possible relationship between his mother and the acknowledger.

Orgino had already had a 15-year military career on the date of rhis acknowledgement. On August 12, 1902, he was voluntarily enlisted for six years, according to the extract from the Battalion Book in Batavia, under number 55637. He received a bounty of fl 200 for this and was to be posted as a fusilier with the 1st Depot Battalion. This contract was later extended until he was awarded a permanent pension of fl 486 per annum in August 1917. A notable fact in the above extract is that Orgino had a round scar on the back of his left thigh.

After his military service, he worked for State Railways in the Accounting Department of the Central Office. In September 1930, he was transferred to the General Construction Department of the Lahat workshop. At his request, Orgino was honorably discharged from the civil service on December 31, 1932 with the right to a pension

He married Clara David (1903-1973). They formed a family with six children, four boys and two girls. This marriage was dissolved by divorce on 2 December 1946 in Batavia.

In December 1948, he married Adella Cornelia (Corrie) van Schenck (1929-2018), who was 44 years younger. Corrie and Orino had two sons. She was expecting her youngest son when Orgino died suddenly at the age of 70. Early in 1958, the widow arrived in the port of Amsterdam together with her children on the 'Zuiderkruis' from Indonesia.

Paul Henri Jacques Keijdeniers (1894-1943) was the eldest son of Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers and Auguste Caroline Stoelman.  Just twenty years old, Paul, coming from Semarang, registered on 25 May 1914 in the Population Register of The Hague at the address Obrechtstraat 803 in the home of JWH Lehnkering. In October of that same year he moved from The Hague to Bergen op Zoom, where he went to live with the Neuman family in villa 'Regina'. Could he have come to the Netherlands for an education?

On his return to the Dutch East Indies, he got a job with the postal, telegraph and telephone service, where Paul would climb to company official 1st class.

He married Geertruide Wilhelmina Beckx (1897- ± 1970). With her and their two daughters he would make his second journey to the Netherlands in the summer of 1926. Because of long service he had been granted a year's leave in Europe. The first six months of their stay in The Hague the family lived at Beukstraat 23. After that they moved to Fahrenheitstraat 356A, where they lived with the Visscher family.

In April 1927 they left Amsterdam on the SS 'Johan de Witt' for Tanjung Priok and from there further to Menado (North Celebes). After the family was completed in November 1928 with the birth of a son, Paul was transferred early 1929 from the telephone office in Menado to the head office in Bandung. Unfortunately the marriage with Geertruide did not last and was dissolved by divorce in March 1935.

Three months later Paul remarried 24-year-old Augustine Jacobs (1913-(1953). During their honeymoon they travelled, together with the children from Paul's first relationship, on the MS 'Johan van Oldebarnevelt' from Batavia to Amsterdam. During the time the family stayed in the Netherlands, their home was Haagweg 146 in Rijswijk. They made the return journey on the MS 'Baloeran' in the spring of 1936. When they returned to Semarang, Augustine was expecting a baby. They were overjoyed with the birth of their son, Célestin, on 8 September 1936.

Paul, company official 1st class, was honorably discharged from the national service in April 1941, at his request, because of his completed service with the postal, telegraph and telephone service in Semarang.

He was not to enjoy his pension for long. When the Netherlands declared war on Japan in December 1941, Paul was also conscripted as a soldier in the infantry of the KNIL unit Buitenzorg.

After the capitulation of the Allied Forces in the Dutch East Indies, he was captured and locked up in one of the prisoner of war camps on Java. On 25 April 1943 he was shipped by the Japanese on the ship 'Kyokko Maru' to Singapore and from there taken to a prisoner of war camp in Kinsaiyok, Thailand, where he was admitted to the infirmary on 5 May 1943 and died there on 12 June 1943 at 11 a.m. of acute colitis. Paul is first buried at the 'Kinsaiyok' cemetery and later reburied at the 'Kanchanabury War cemetry' (Plot/Row/Number: 5 B 65).

Paul is mentioned on the honourably list of casualties of war 1940-1945 (Honour List of the fallen 1940-1945), drawn up by the Dutch government.

His widow repatriated to the Netherlands in January 1951. With her son she settled in the province of Zeeland. First in shelters in Vlissingen and Goes and after more than six months she was assigned housing in Kortgene. Unfortunately, Augustine was one of the 1836 victims in the Netherlands who died during the Flood Disaster in 1953. Her body was never found.

Henri August François Keydeniers (1896-1942), is the second son of Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers and Auguste Caroline Stoelman. The first sign of Henri's life, after his birth, is the fact that I found about his appointment as desk clerk 1st class, per 6 October 1917, and placed on the control desk of the State Railway in Bandung. He was already working here on monthly wages as a trainee clerk.

In January 1921 he was honourably discharged from the civil service because of his transfer to private service and worked as a civil servant at the SCS Company (1926).

Whatever the reason may have been, is not known, but in September 1926 the Judicial Council in Semarang declared him bankrupt. Fortunately, this was already terminated on 1 May 1928.

Fortunately, this financial problem did not pursue Henri any further and did not hinder his election as commissioner of the Society Semper Concordia Sit in Tegal in February 1929.

He married M. Mastherus (1910-1957). She was buried at the Kembang Kuning Cemetery. Unfortunately, their marriage remained childless.

Like his brother Paul, Henri was also called up to defend his country because of the threat of war. He was assigned as a soldier to the Landstorm Territorial Troops II div. On 5 March 1942, he was taken prisoner and locked up by the Japanese in the prisoner of war camp at Tjimahi on Java. Here he died on 19 August 1942 at 8 am from heart failure. He was also buried there, but later reburied on the Dutch Field of Honour Pandu in Bandung (Plot/Row Number: II269).

The third son of Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers and Auguste Caroline Stoelman, Jules Chretien Keydeniers (1901-1982)  started working in the police force in 1926. Three years later he was promoted to head constable (chief investigator) with the general police, first on Sumatra and later on Celebes. A year earlier he had married Eleonora Georgiana (Noortje) Wijshijer (1907-1990). Between 1930 and 1941 the couple had four daughters and a son.

In 1935 he was transferred to Java, where he was promoted to inspector 2nd class in 1937.

During the Japanese occupation Jules did not escape being locked up in one of the prisoner of war camps on Java, namely camp Tjimahi.

After the war of independence Jules refused to opt for Indonesian citizenship. As a result he was relieved of his official police duties, but fortunately he was still entitled to a monthly pension of fl 164 from 1 April 1950.

A few months later, in September of that year, Jules, his wife and their children repatriated from Bandung to the Netherlands. First the government placed the family in a shelter in the municipality of Nuth in Limburg, and then they had to move to Friesland. Finally they settled in Amsterdam in 1957, where Jules worked as a porter in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis until he reached retirement age.

The great-grandchildren (1926-present)

Just like about 300,000 Indo-Europeans, great-grandchildren of Jean and Rose Keijdeniers were repatriated to the Netherlands between 1945 and 1965. Some settled permanently in the Netherlands, found a job here and started a family. Others, however, did not find their feet and emigrated to the United States of America, where they settled in the state of California. Here, the climate was most similar to that in their homeland.

For more information about this generation, see the family tree described below, which has been compiled with due observance of the privacy guidelines.

Tom Keijdener                                      Valkenburg, mid-October 2020



(I) Jacobi Geitler, lived in Deidesheim, a town near Mannheim in 1748. He married  Anna Maria Geitler

Children from this marriage : 

  1. Nicolaus Geitler,follows II
  2. Petrus Keijdeler, present as a witness on the 25 March 1750 at Borgharen of Jacobus (son of Nicolaus and Hensels, Ida); surname according to the church register: Keijdeler

(II) Nicolaus Geitler, son of Jacobi Geidler and  Anna Maria Geidler (see I), born in Pals around 1720, served as a hussar in the company of Sir Captain Arnoud. Presumably he was billeted in Ophaeren (Borgharen), where he met his later wife and where he continued to live with his wife after his marriage. He died on 13 November 1787 in Borgharen.

Nicolaus married on 28 July1748 in Borgharen with t Ida Hensels, 19 years old. She was baptised there on 3 August 1728, daughter of Thomas Hensels and Gertrudis Bartels. Ida died on 31 August 1808 in Borgharen, aged 80.

In the oldest documents, the family name is recorded as "Geitler", "Geydeler" and "Keijdeler". In the documents of succession, the surname "Keijtener" is used; the death certificate of his wife states that she is the widow of "Keijdener, Nicolas".

From the marriage of Nicolaus and Ida 9 children were born: 

    1. Jacobus Keijdeler, baptised on 25 March 1750 in  Borgharen, follows III-a
    2. Joannes Keijseler, baptised on 21 May 1752 in Borgharen, follows III-b                                     
    3. Thomas Kaijseler, baptised on10 February 1754 in Borgharen, follows III-c
    4. Nicolaus Keijdeler, baptised on 14 May 1756 in Borgharen and passed away there on 9 May 1756, 15 days old
    5. Nicolaus Keijdeler, baptised on 10 August 1757 in Borgharen, passed away there on  20 May 1765 , 8 years old.
    6. Maria Gertrudis (Geertrui) Keijdeler, baptised on 24 June 1760 in Borgharen passed away there on 3 April 1828, 67 years old. Geertrui married, 33 years old, on 7 July 1793 in Borgharen with Joannes Augustinus (Jan) Maessen, 28 years old. Joannes is baptised in Geulle on 4 November 1764, son of  Arnoldus Maessen and Gertrudis Wienands.He died on 12 January 1823 in Borgharen, 58 years old.
    7. Maria Keijdeler, baptised on 19 October 1762 in Borgharen and passed away there on 1 December 1762, 1 month old.
    8. Anna Maria Keijdeler, baptised on 8 February 1764 in Borghar and died there on 31 May1804, 40 years old.  She married, 23 years old, on 8 May1787 in Maastricht with Petrus Franciscus D’Roesbeke, baptised in Vichte. Name according to the deathcertificate of his wife: Rosbeck, Petrus.
    9. Wilhelmus Keijdeler, baptised on 6 May 1767 in Borgharen, passed away there on 14 July 1774 in  Borgharen, 7 years old. 

(III-b) Joannes (Jan) Keijseler, baptised on 21 May 1752 in Borgharen, weaver, day-labourer (1806) and spinner (1811), dead on 29 December 1811 in Vilvoorde, 59 years old, son of Nicolas Keijseler and Ida Hensels (see II). 

Jean Keydener, day labourer, living in Berg and born in Opharen, was sentenced on 25 July 1811 by the Maastricht court of first instance for theft to one year's imprisonment. He arrived at the Vilvoorde prison on 11 November 1811 and died there on 29 December 1811. (source: Rijksarchief Leuven, Strafinrichting Vilvoorde, nr 89 fo 42r.). 

The death certificate of the civil registrar of the municipality of Vilvoorde was drawn up by Nicolas Thomas Sorlus, the Director-Commander of the prison. 

Jan married at 36  years old, on 6 July 1788 in Berg en Terblijt  with Anna Maria Kaalen, 22 years old. She is baptised on 3 May 1766 in Berg and died on 6 July 1829 in Berg en Terblijt, 63 years old, daughter of Hendrik Caelen and Maria Meijs.

A confidential communication from the justice of the peace from the canton of Meerssen to the mayor of Berg shows that in 1814: Anna Maria Caelen, widow, mother of 6 children, was imprisoned in Vilvoorde for stealing a cow. 

Source: Book "Berg en Terblijt Van twee heerlijkheden naar een gemeente".

In 1788, Jan and his partner Anna Maria Kaalen founded a family in the bride's birthplace. They go and live in Geulhem, where they get 4 sons and 7 daughters. Only the sons Henricus and Jan provide for progenitors. In the course of the years they spread mainly over the present Walloon and Dutch and Belgian Limburg.

From this marriage 11 children are born: 


    1. Ida Keijseler, baptised on 6 April 1789 in Berg en Terblijt,maidservant (1816), died on 23 January 1867 in  Meerssen, 77 years old. Ida lived in  Geulhem in 1816 as she gives birth, being unmarried, to her son Henricus Keyseneers, born on 15 June 1816 in Berg.Presumably the son got the surname of the husband by marriage of the parents. However, at the census of 1839 it appears that in the municipality Leeuwarden, Wijk C, in the house of detention and discipline C192 one Jan Hendrik Keijdeneers, 23 years old, born at Berg, teacher by profession, RC, is registered, coming from and going to Sint Odiliënberg.Ida married, 31 years old, on 23 November 1820 at Maastricht with Joannes Gerardus (Gerard) Ruvos, 25 years old. Gerard was born on 19 August 1795 at Epen, died on 7 April 1849 at Meerssen-Rothem, son of Petrus Henricus Ruvos and Maria Stommen.
    2. Henricus Keyseneers, baptised on 2 Ocotber 1790 in Berg en Terblijt follows IV-c
    3. Anna Keijseler, baptised on 3 July 1792 in Berg en Terblijt, passed awy on 9 October 1792, 3 months old 
    4. Gertrudis (Geertruij) Keijseler, bapitsed on 23 July 1793 in3 te Berg en Terblijt, housekeeper. She died on 11 September 1864 in  Sint-Truiden (Belgium), 71 years old.Geertruij married, 39 years old, on 27 February 1833 in Wellen with Joannes (Jan) Butenaers. Jan is born on 9 December 1796 in Hoepertingen, field officer, died on 4 April 1855 in Horpmaal, 58 years old, son of Thomas Butenaers and Elisabeth America.In the marriage certificate she is registered as Anna Gertrudis Keydener and in the death certificate as Gertrude Keijdenaer. Geertruij, as her first name is registered on her daughter's birth certificate, lived in Geulhem in 1820 when she gave birth to a daughter unmarried:
      Anna Maria Keijdener, born on 8 November 1820 in Berg en Terblijt, died there on 14 October 1821.
    5. Servatius Kijseler, baptised on 7 April 1795 in Berg en Terblijt and passed away there on 16 July 1796, 3 months old.
    6. Maria Keijseler, baptised on 23 April 1797 in Berg en Terblijt and passed away there on 19 August 1797, 4 months old.
    7. Nicolaus Keijseler, born on 23 April 1799 in Berg, baptised there on 25 April 1799 and passed away in Berg on 24 June 1813, 14 years old.
    8. Jean (Jan) Keijdener, born on 25 December 1803 in Berg, follows IV-d
    9. Marie Anne Keydeners, born on 24 February 1806 in Berg, baker and residing in Antwerp, died on 22 January 1877 residing in Antwerp at the Lannge Clarastraat 38, 70 years old. She married Joannes Josephus Noblesse, who died before 22 January 1877.
    10. Marie Catharine Keydeneers, born on 7 February 1808 in Berg, died on 21 March 1870 in Hasselt (Belgium), 62 years old; married on 5 January 1832 in ’s-Gravenvoeren gave birth to a daughter unmarried: Barbe Keijzener.According to the birth certificate of her daughter, Marie Catherine lived in Berg at that time. She married, 29 years old, on 7 April 1837 in Hasselt to Carolus Bellemans, 30 years old. He was born on 27 September 1806 in Hasselt, died there on 16 November 1875, aged 69, son of Charles Jean Bellemans and Margaretha Maris.
    11. Anne Marie Keydeneer, born on 16 June 1810 in Berg. 

      (IV-c) Henricus (Henri) Keyseneers, baptised on 2 October 1790 in Berg en Terblijt, day labourer(1816/1819/1824), farmer (1827), died on17 August 1835 in ’s-Gravenvoeren, 44 years old, son of  Johannes Keyseneers and Anna Maria Kaelen, (see III-b). 

      Henri married, 26 yearold, on 7 November 1816 in Berg with Maria Barbara (Barbe) Wiecken, born in 1792 in ’s-Gravenvoeren, died there on 29 May 1859, daughter of  Joannes Wiecken and Catharina Coelen. 

      From this marriage there are 8 children:

      1. Joannes Keijdeners, born on 3 Decmeber 1816 in Maastricht,  , carriage rental (1855), coachman (1841/1866). In 1841 he lived in 's-Gravenvoeren and in the period 1855/1862 in Liège, Rue L'ile de Commerce. In 1886 at the address Rue des Bénédictines 6 in Liège. Deceased on 22 December 1866 in Luik, aged 50 years. On the death certificate his family name is registered as 'Kaisener'. He married (1), at the age of 24 years, on 16 June 1841 in Liege with Jeanne Lambertine Godissart, aged 32 years. She was born on 16 September 1808 in Liège, died on 6 September 1855 in Liège, aged 46, daughter of Nicolas Godissart and Marie Agnes Pector. Then married (2) Jean, aged 39, on 26 December 1855 in Liège to Marie Mathilde Arets, aged 51. She was born on 24 May 1804 in Heerlen, died on 8 June 1862 in Luik, aged 58, daughter of Jean Philppe Arets and Catherine Elisabeth Neuville. Then married (3) Jean, aged 45, on 30 October 1862 in Liège to Marie Philippine Josephe Collette, cabaratiére, aged 55. She was born on 10 August 1807 in Eghezée and died on 8 April 1875 in Liège, aged 67, daughter of Jean Ferdinand Collette and Marie Josephe Goffin.
      2. Geertrui Keydeners, geboren op 3 januari 1819 te Maastricht, overleden aldaar op 16 oktober 1821, 2 jaar oud.
      3. Jean Henri Keydeneers, geboren op 4 december 1819 te Maastricht, volgt V-a
      4. Joannes Lambertus Josephus Keijdeners, geboren op 19 oktober 1821 te Maastricht, volgt V-b
      5. Maria Catharina (Catherine) Keijdeners, geboren op 12 september 1824 te Maastricht, overleden op 6 februari 1834 te ’s-Gravenvoeren, 9 jaar oud.
      6. Marie Petronille Keijseler, geboren op 8 oktober 1827 te ’s-Gravenvoeren, overleden aldaar op 4 maart 1842, 14 jaar oud.
      7. Marie Ide Keijseler, geboren op26 mei 1831 te ’s-Gravenvoeren, overleden aldaar op 20 juni 1841, 10 jaar oud.
      8. Henri Keyseler, geboren op vrijdag 5 december 1834 te ’s-Gravenvoeren, volgt V-c. 

      (V-a) Jean Henri Keydeneers, geboren op 4 december 1819 te Maastricht, sergeant in het Nederlandsch Oost-Indisch leger, overleden op 26 januari 1890 in het hospitaal Saint Jean te Brussel, 69 jaar oud, zoon van Henricus Keijdeners en Barbara Wikken. In de Almanak van Nederlandsch-Indië van 1859 wordt zijn geslachtsnaam als ‘Keijdeniers’ geregistreerd. 

      Hij trouwde, 39 jaar oud, op 19 maart 1858 te Palembang met Rose Tehoepoering, geboren in 1842 of 1843, overleden op 29 mei 1886 te Batavia, 43 jaar oud. Dit huwelijk is op 3 maart 1886 te Batavia ontbonden door echtscheiding. 

      Kinderen uit dit huwelijk: 

      1. Maria Magdelena Keijdeniers, geboren op 6 februari 1859 te Palembang, overleden op 20 september 1883 te Batavia, 24 jaar oud. Zij trouwde, 21 jaar oud, op 30 oktober 1880 te Batavia met Wilhelmus Lambert Paul Hanibals, 22 jaar oud. Hij is geboren op 29 september 1858 te Batavia.
      2. Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers, geboren op 17 december 1860 te Palembang, volgt VI-a.
      3. Frans Jonathan Pieter Keijdeniers, geboren op 16 juni 1862 te Palembang volgt VI-b
      4. Helena Sophia Keijdeniers, overleden op 28 mei 1920 te Batavia. Zij trouwde op 21 augustus 1886 te Batavia met Jakobus Mondt 

      (VI-a) Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers, geboren op 17 december 1860 te Palembang, overleden op 6 oktober 1927 te Batavia, 66 jaar oud, zoon van  Jean Henri Keydeniers en Rose Tehoepoering. Zijn voornamen worden een enkele keer als Jean Henri George Ernest geregistreerd. 

      Uit de relatie (1) die hij heeft gehad met Sophia Christina Muller is een zoon geboren die door hem is erkend: 

      1. Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers, geboren op 18 oktober 1885 te Meester Cornelis, volgt VII-a 

      Gehuwd (2) met Auguste Caroline (Alice) Stoelman, geboren op 10 januari 1871 te Batavia, overleden op 12 november 1921 in het Militair Hospitaal te Buitenzorg, 50 jaar oud. (in overlijdens annonce staat zij vermeld als A.C. Granpré Molière). Dit huwelijk is op 26 maart 1917 te Soerakarta door echtscheiding ontbonden. 

      Kinderen uit dit huwelijk: 

      1. Pauline Helena Keijdeniers, geboren op 19 juni 1893 te Batavia, op 7 november 1925 plotseling te Weltevreden (Batavia) overleden, 32 jaar oud. Zij trouwde op 24 november 1916 te Meester Cornelis, 23 jaar oud, met Laurent Eugene Chavalier.
      2. Paul Henri Jacques Keijdeniers, geboren op 3 mei 1894 te Batavia, volgt VII-b
      3. Henri August François Keydeniers, geboren op donderdag 30 april 1896 te Meester Cornelis. Nederlandse nationaliteit, ambtenaar Staatsspoor/treinmachinist, overleden op 19 augustus 1942 te Bandung, 46 jaar oud. Woonde te Buitenzorg (1921), Tegal (1921/1926/1930) en te Klaten (1942).Trouwde M. Mastherus, geboren op 6 februari 1910, overleden op 26 augustus 1957. Zij werd begraven op Kembang Kuning Cemetry.
      4. Louis Philippe Antoine Keijdeners, geboren op 12 mei 1898 te Meester Cornelis, overleden op 9 december 1898 te Semarang, 6 maanden oud.
      5. Juliana Caroline Josephine Keijdeniers, geboren op 18 oktober 1899 te Semarang, overleden na een kortstondige ziekte op 7 september 1950 te Djakarta, oud 50 jaar. Op datum overlijden was zij niet gehuwd. Zij is, 18 jaar oud, op 1 mei 1918 te Buitenzorg gehuwd met Gerard Adolf Loth, 18 jaar oud. Hij is geboren op 18 oktober 1899 te Batavia, overleden op 5 december 1962 te Arnhem, 63 jaar oud, zoon van Charles Gérard Leonard Loth en Zoe Oebaja. Dit huwelijk is ontbonden door echtscheiding. Haar ex-man trouwt later met haar zus Alice.
      6. Jules Chretien Keydeniers, geboren op 26 juni 1901 te Semarang, wonende in 1921 te Buitenzorg, volgt VII-c.
      7. Alice Jacoba Helene Keijdeniers, geboren op 27 maart 1904 te Poerworejo, overleden op 28 november 1977 te Haren, 73 jaar oud. Alice woonde te Soerabaja (1921), en huwde, 42 jaar oud, op 31 december 1946 te Batavia met Gerard Adolf Loth, 47 jaar oud. Hij is geboren op 18 oktober 1899 te Batavia, overleden op 5 december 1962 te Arnhem, 63 jaar oud, zoon van Charles Gérard Leonard Loth en Zoe Oebaja.Alice arriveerde op 14 april 1949 vanuit Indonesië met het schip ‘Drente’, samen met haar echtgenoot en zij bleek de elf duizend elf honderd elfde evacué uit de voormalige Nederlandse kolonie te zijn. Na aankomst in Nederland heeft zij tot februari 1950 in Zandvoort verbleven en te Oppenhuizen (1951) om vervolgens weer terug te keren naar Indonesië. In juni 1958 besloot zij om toch weer naar Nederland te emigreren en vestigde zich eerst in Amsterdam, om daarna naar Haren te verhuizen. Alice is ongehuwd op 13 november 1932 te Batavia bevallen van een dochter: Jacqueline Helena Keijdeniers.
      8. N. Keijdeniers, doodgeboren op 22 juli 1911 te Batavia. 

        Jean trouwde (3), 59 jaar oud, op 29 december 1917, te Meester Cornelis met Petronella Magdalena Mahlen (Mahieu); zij vestigde zich in augustus 1930 te Batavia, Petodjo Oedik 52, komende van Batam. 

        (VII-a) Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers, geboren op 18 oktober 1885 te Meester Cornelis (Batavia), jager, commies staatsspoorwegen, overleden op 21 augustus 1956 te Djakarta, 70 jaar oud, zoon Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers (door vader erkent  op 4 augustus 1917 te Meester Cornelis) en Sophia Christina Muller. 

        Op het extract uit het Stamboek is zijn geslachtsnaam, na inschrijving, gewijzigd van Muller in Keijdeniers. 

        In genoemd Stamboek zijn verder de volgende gegevens  geregistreerd: 

        • woonplaats op moment van inschrijving: Batavia
        • lengte: 1,616m / merkbare tekenen: rond litteken achterzijde linkerdij
        • op 12 augustus 1902 te Batavia, onder nummer 55637, vrijwillig geëngageerd voor zes jaar; premie fl 200,-- en geplaatst als fusilier bij het 1e Depôt Batallion.
        • Bij Gouv. Besluit, d.d. 8 augustus 1917, toegekend een voortdurend pensioen van fl 486,-- ’s jaars, wegens VD. 

        Hij trouwde te Telok Beton met Clara David, geboren op 21 september 1903 te Bandoeng en overleden op 4 november 1973 te Waalwijk, 70 jaar oud, dochter van Daniel David en Karminah. Dit huwelijk is op 2 december 1946 te Batavia ontbonden door echtscheiding. 

        Kinderen uit dit huwelijk: 

        1. Henry William Keydeniers, geboren op 29 april 1926 te Bandoeng, volgt VIII-a
        2. Alfons Cornelis Keydeniers, geboren op 20 september 1927 te Lahat, volgt VIII-b
        3. Sophie Eleonora (Nora) Keydeniers, geboren op 18 maart 1929 te Lahat
        4. Jules François Keydeniers, geboren op 12 december 1930 te Lahat, volgt VIII-c
        5. John Reginald Keydeniers, geboren op 5 april 1933 te Lahat, volgt VIII-d
        6. Alice Beatrice Esmeralda (Lies) Keydeniers, geboren op 22 januari 1935 te Lahat 

        Daarna trouwde (2) Orgino, 63 jaar oud, op 3 december 1948 te Djakarta met Adella Cornelia (Corrie) van Schenck, 19 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 21 januari 1929 te Batavia en overleden op 24 juni 2018 te Middelburg, 89 jaar oud, dochter van Hendrik Frederik van Schenck en Johanna Nasrani. Uit dit huwelijk zijn 2 zonen 

        Mw. A.C. Keydeniers-van Schenck stond samen met haar 3 kinderen, waarvan 1 kind uit een andere relatie op de lijst van evacués, die met de ‘Zuiderkruis’ vanuit Indonesië op weg waren naar Nederland en op 20 februari 1958 te Amsterdam werden verwacht. Zij vestigde zich met haar kinderen in maart 1958 te Roosteren om vervolgens op 4 augustus 1958 naar Middelburg te verhuizen. 

        (VIII-a) Henry William (Willy) Keijdeniers, geboren op 29 april 1926 te Bandoeng, overleden op 2 juni 2012 te Turlock (Californië), 86 jaar oud, zoon van Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers en Clara David. Woonplaatsen: Tegelen: Plechelmusstraat 50 (1958);  San Jose (1997), Gustine CA (1999, 2008). 

        Willy is (1) op 9 juli 1948 te Batavia gehuwd met Adele Irma Kolditz, geboren op 6 juni 1929 te Tandjong Karang (Sumatra), overleden op 25 januari 1988 te Santa Clara (Californië), 58 jaar oud, dochter van William Carl Kolditz en Marianne Djedir Wirjodromo. 

        Het gezin (vader, moeder en drie dochters) arriveerde op 3 oktober 1960 in de haven van New York. 

        Vervolgens trouwde Willy (2) in 1993 met Imelda van Ginkel, geboren op 25 september 1941 

        Henry William Keydeniers
        29 april 1926-2 juni 2012

        Gustine-inwoner en voormalig inwoner van San Jose

        Henry William werd geboren in Bandoeng, Indonesië als zoon van Orgino en Clara Keydeniers. In 1947 trouwde hij met Adele Irma Kolditz, zijn 40-jarige vrouw die hem in 1988 overleed. Iin 1958 verlieten  Indonesië en reisden naar Nederland, om vervolgens in 1961 te emigreren naar de Verenigde Staten van Amerika, waar zij zich vestigden in San Jose. Hier was hij een actief lid van de vrijmetselaars-gemeenschap (Past Master van John P. Jarman Masonic Lodge 669) en vrijwilliger in het VOLT-programma van de San Jose Police Department. In 1993 trouwde hij met Imelda van Ginkel en zij woonden de rest van zijn leven in Gustine. De heer Keydeniers was een fervent jager en voormalig boswachter bij Fort Hunter Liggett.

        Herdenkingsdiensten worden gehouden op zaterdag 9 juni 2012, 12.00 uur in het San Jose Masonic Center, 2500 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125. (408) 267-7121. 

        Bezoek onze Sympathy Store om Memorial Trees in het geheugen te planten .

        Gepubliceerd in San Jose Mercury News / San Mateo County Times op 6 juni 2012. 

        (VIII-0b) Alfons Cornelis (Dédé) Keijdeniers, geboren op 20 september 1927 te Lahat, overleden 16 oktober 2014 te San José, 87 jaar oud, zoon van Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers en Clara David. 

        Alfons is, 24 jaar oud, op 28 maart 1952 te Djakarta gehuwd met Margreta (Greet) Kors, 24 jaar oud. Greet is geboren op 30 juni 1927 en overleden op 26 maart 2016, dochter van Wouter Kors en Wilhelmina Paut. 

        Dédé is, samen met zijn vrouw en drie dochters en één zoon, in april 1961 geëmigreerd naar de Verenigde Staten. 

        (VIII-c)  Jules François (Nono/Charlie) Keijdeniers, geboren op 12 december 1930 te Lahat, kok op de grote vaart, overleden op 9 februari 2007 te Waalwijk, 76 jaar oud, zoon van Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers en Clara David. In Nederland woonachtig geweest in Waalwijk vanaf 10 november 1959. 

        Na te 2e Wereld Oorlog heeft hij Indonesië moeten verlaten, samen met drie broers en één zus, Lies. De andere zus, Nora, is in Indonesië blijven wonen. Later zijn drie broers, Willy, Dédé en Johnny geëmigreerd naar de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. 

        Jules trouwde, 32 jaar oud, op 15 november 1963 te Berlicum met Constant Anieta (Stans) de Rozario, 26 jaar oud. Stans is geboren op 25 december 1936 te Buitenzorg en overleden op 14 augustus 2008 te Waalwijk, 71 jaar oud.  Zij hebben elkaar ontmoet in een pension te Heeswijk-Dinther. 

        Jules en Stans kregen drie dochters en één zoon. 

        (VIII-0d)  John Reginald (Johnny) Keydeniers, geboren op 5 april 1933 te Lahat, zoon van Orgino Alfonso Keijdeniers en Clara David. Woonde Modesto (Californië) in 1991. Voornamen ook: John Reginal Paul. 

        Johnny trouwde (1) met Flora Christine Leander, geboren op 19 december 1937, overleden op 21 december 1992 te Santa Clara. en vervolgens trad hij in het huwelijk (2) met Delia Mendoza. 

        Uit het eerste huwelijk zijn 5 kinderen, 4 zonen en 1 dochter.: 

        (VI-b) Frans Jonathan Pieter Keijdeniers, geboren op 16 juni 1862 te Palembang, plotseling overleden op 9 juni 1925 te Semarang, 64 jaar oud, zoon van Jean Henri Keydeniers en Rose Tehoepoering. Griffier van beroep.

        Frans woonde in 1925 te Semarang aan het adres Boeloe 54. 

        Frans trouwde, 21 jaar oud, op 20 juni 1883 te Batavia met Clara Cassa, 17 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 26 november 1865 en overleden op 9 juli 1937 te Batavia, 72 jaar oud. Zij vestigde zich in oktober 1926, komende uit Semarang, te Batavia: G. Aliasman 22. 

        Kinderen uit dit huwelijk: 

        1. William Henrij Francis Keijdeniers, geboren op 16 april 1884 te Batavia en aldaar overleden op 19 februari 1885, 10 maanden oud.
        2. Rosalie Gesina Anthoinette Keijdeniers, geboren op 26 september 1885 te Batavia. Zij trouwde, 16 jaar oud, op 19 februari 1902 te Palembang met William Anthon Claasz (ook wel Claasz—Coockson genaamd), 24 jaar oud. Hij is geboren op 5 februari 1877 te Bodjonegoro (Rembang). Rosalie woonde in juli 1934 te Batavia Gang Buddingh I/12 en later in 1946 Laan Halte Dierentuin 20b aldaar. Haar echtgenoot was toen reeds overleden. Eind november 1951 komt Rosalie naar Nederland en vestigde zich eerst in Zwolle, Mimosastraat 73, om later in 1956 te verhuizen naar Deventer.


        (VII-b) Paul Henri Jacques Keijdeniers, geboren op donderdag 3 mei 1894 te Batavia, Nederlandse nationaliteit, bedrijfsambtenaar PTT, overleden op 12 juni 1943 te Kinsayak (Siam/Thailand), 49 jaar oud. Zoon van Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers en Auguste Caroline Stoelman. Woonde van februair 1932 tot augustus 1933 Kemajoran 50 te Weltevreden. 

        Hij trouwde (1), met Geertruide Wilhelmina Beckx, geboren op  17 november 1897 te Malang en overleden in of na 1970 vermoedelijk te Bergen op Zoom, dochter van Adolph Joseph Beckx en Ngadem. Dit huwelijk werd in maart 1935 te Soerakarta door echtscheiding ontbonden. 


        1. Jeanne Thérèse Keydeniers, geboren op 1 november 1921 te Menado, woonde te Soerabaja (1939), Doorn (1952). Zij trouwde met Anne Teune, geboren 15 januari 1922 te Hoogkerk.
        2. Pauline Henriette (Prully) Keydeniers, geboren op 13 februari 1926 te Probolingo. Prully trouwde met Kees Elmensdorp, geboren op 11 juli 1914 te Pekalongan, overleden op 18 november 1999 te Tilburg, 85 jaar oud.
        3. Jan Adolf Christiaan (Jacko) Keydeniers, geboren op 27 november 1928 te Minahassa, volgt VIII-g 

        Paul trouwde (2), 41 jaar oud, op 23 juli 1935 te Buitenzorg met Augustine Jacobs, 24 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 5 februari 1913 te Batavia, overleden op 1 februari 1953 te Kortgene, 39 jaar oud, dochter van Adolph Frederik Jacobs en Maria Abermina van Eldik.

        Kind uit dit huwelijk: 

        1. Célestin Charles Keydeniers, geboren op 8 september 1936 te Semarang, overleden op 27 november 1954, 18 jaar oud. Woonde te Goes (1954).

        Bemanning omgekomen

        Vrijdag 26 november 1954 rondde de Nederlandse kustvaarder “Carpo”, Lands End, de meest westelijke punt van Cornwall. Het schip is tijdens de woedende storm voor de kust van Zuid-West Engeland in zwaar weer geraakt en gezonken. De twaalf opvarenden, waaronder matroos Keydeniers uit Goes, zijn allen omgekomen.

        Te Penryn (Cornwall) is nog een slachtoffer van de Carpo, die in november ter hoogte van de Lizard zonk, geïdentificeerd. Het is de 18-jarige C.Ch. Keydeniers.

        De Identificatie had plaats met behulp van een foto, die in Nederland geverifieerd was. De stoffelijke resten van zes van de twaalf bemanningsleden werden gevonden. 

        (Bron: De Telegraaf, editie 30 november 1954 en De Vrije Zeeuw, editie 24 december 1954) 

        (VIII-g) Jan Adolf Christiaan (Jacko) Keydeniers, geboren op 27 november 1928 te Minahassa (Nederlands-Indë), beroepsmilitair (korperaal/sergeant) Koninklijke Landmacht, overleden op 26 augustus 1992 te Paramaribo, 63 jaar oud, zoon van Paul Henri Jacques Keydeniers en Geertruida Wilhelmina Beckx. 

        Jacko kwam in november 1950 vanuit Indonesië, waar hij in Djakarta woonachtig was geweest, naar Nederland. Hij vestigde zich in Nijmegen (Daalseweg 380). In april 1953 vertrok hij naar Suriname. In december 1955 keert hij weer terug in Nederland en woonde in de gemeenten Melick & Herkenbosch, Beesel en Roermond. In de periode april 1961 - juli 1991 woonde hij te Paramaribo: Hermitageweg 11A (1975). Ruim één jaar voor zijn overlijden keert hij terug in Roermond, waar hij gaat wonen aan het adres Mozartstraat 292. 

        Jacko trouwde (1), 24 jaar oud, op 27 mei 1953 te Paramaribo met Lydia Francis Samon, 24 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 20 september 1928 te Paramaribo. Dit huwelijk is op 13 februari 1974 aldaar ontbonden door echtscheiding. 

        Jacko en Lydia kregen 7 kinderen. 

        Hij trouwde vervolgens (2), 45 jaar oud, op 14 maart 1974 te District Suriname met Bébé Zarena Baksh, 25 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 7 februari 1949 te Skeldon (Guyana), overleden op 29 september 2019 te Roermond, 70 jaar oud. 

        Met Bébé kreeg Jacko 3 kinderen 

        (VII-c) Jules Chretien Keydeniers, geboren op 26 juni 1901 te Semarang, politie-agent, ambtenaar ziekenhuis, handlanger, overleden op 21 november 1982 te Amsterdam, 81 jaar oud, zoon van Jean Henri Guillaume Francois Keijdeniers en Auguste Caroline Stoelman. 

        Startte in 1926 bij de algemene politie. En werkte sedert 1929 als hoofdagent (hoofdrechercheur) bij de algemene politie, eerst op Sumatra en later op Celebes. In 1935 werd hij overgeplaats naar Java, waar hem in 1937 een bevorderdering tot inspecteur 2e klasse ten deel viel. Op 1 april 1950  werd hij gepensioneerd en vanaf die datum kreeg hij maandelijk fl 164,-- uitgekeerd als pensioen. 

        Hij woonde te Buitenzorg (1921), Mr. Cornelis (1926), Tegal (1940), medio 1950 vanuit Indonesie naar Nederland gerepatrieerd en eerst in Nuth (1950) verbleven, vervolgens naar Wymbritseradeel (1951), Sneek (1953), Amsterdam (vanaf 1957). 

        Jules verloofde zich op 20 maart 1920 te Buitenzorg met Catherine H.W. Oberweis. Nadat deze relatie is uitgeraakt verloofde hij zich op 14 juni 1924 te Weltevreden met E.H. Geertsema. Ook deze relatie hield schijnbaar geen stand. 

        Hij trouwde, 26 jaar oud, op 8 februari 1928 te Sawah Loento met Eleonora Georgiana (Noortje) Wijshijer, 20 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 13 september 1907 te Padang en overleden op 5 april 1990 te Amsterdam, 82 jaar oud, dochter van Johannes Wijshijer en Agnes N.N. 

        Kinderen uit dit huwelijk: 

        1. Agnes Auguste Eleonoor Keydeniers, geboren op 14 januari 1930 te Sawah-Loento. Trouwde op 15 oktober 1965 te Amsterdam met N. Watson.
        2. Elfride Mariëtta Géraldine Keydeniers, geboren op 22 februari 1936 te Batavia. Zij trouwde, 20 jaar oud, op 9 februari 1957 te Amsterdam met Hoite Hiemstra, oud 22 jaar.
        3. Alice Winnifred Keydeniers, geborenop 14 september 1937 te Pekalongan, overleden in 1992 te Los Angeles. Zij trouwde op 28 juli 1961 met Johnny Fischer. Johnny is geboren in 1933.
        4. Chrétien Johannes Francois Keydeners, geboren op 2 december 1938 te Pekalongan, volgt VIII-0h.
        5. Georgeane Juliette (Letty) Keydeniers, geboren op 7 mei 1941 te Tegal. Zij trouwde op 19 augustus 1966 met K. Moinat 

        Sep 1934                              verleend wegens acht jaar dienst een binnenlandsch verlof voor den tijd van zes maanden, door te brengen te Semarang. Hij was hoofdagent bij de algemene politie in het gouvernement Celebes. 

        (VIII-Oh) Chrétien Johannes Francois Keydeniers, geboren op 2 december 1938 te Pekalongan, overleden 21 december 2003 te Amsterdam, 65 jaar oud, zoon van  Jules Chretien Keydeniers en  Eleonora Georgiana Wijshijer. Begraven op De Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats te Amsterdam. Woonde vanaf 30 november 1957 in Amsterdam. 

        Hij trouwde, 27 jaar oud, op 17 juni 1966 te Amsterdam met Carla Irène Mildred Dawson, 30 jaar oud. Zij is geboren op 8 februari 1935 te Paramaribo. 

        Uit dit huwelijk is 1 dochter.